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*NEW* Minonk Golf cart ordinance clarified

*NEW* Minonk Golf cart ordinance clarified

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MINONK - You can drive a golf cart in the City of Minonk, if the golf cart is registered with the City and you are 21 with a valid driver's license.

The original ordinance stated that each driver of a golf cart must get a permit from the City, but the Minonk City Council amended the ordinance Tuesday to make things more clear. The changed wording specifies golf carts as the vehicle allowed, and states that each cart must have a permit, not each individual driver.

Not so clear is what the Council will do about the requests that other off-road vehicles similar to golf carts be allowed on the streets.

City Administrator Gary Brennan said the initial request was for golf carts to be permitted, so that's what the Council pursued. He said it is a safety issue and that golf carts went at slower speeds and would not tear up people's yards.

“It seemed to make more sense for the City,” he said.

Alderwoman Keri Carls commented that when the speed of the other vehicles had been mentioned people had said cars can go up to 60 mph too.

Alderman Russell Ruestman said he wanted to clarify that other off-road vehicles had always been prohibited and if the City wanted to allow other vehicles as well they would need to take it back to committee.

Minonk resident Larry Hill said he felt that if the requirements are met by other vehicles, people should be allowed to get a permit and drive them. He asked if there was a speed requirement for the golf cart ordinance, and Mayor Bill Koos said it was 25 mph.

Hill said he knew that golf carts could go as fast as 50 mph and drivers that drove that fast would receive a ticket, as they should. He also said he didn't think anyone would be driving golf carts in anyone's yard and that argument wasn’t a reason to prohibit the other vehicles.

"You can tear up somebody's yard with a skateboard, if you want to bad enough," he said.

Alderman Justin Faulk asked that the Public Safety Committee meet to review the issue.

Oak Street sidewalk

Brennan said that necessary repairs to an Oak Street sidewalk had been completed and there was no longer a safety hazard. In a telephone conversation, Brennan said there had been sidewalk damage and an old coal vault had been discovered. The old roof of the vault was starting to collapse, causing damage to the sidewalk. The Finance Committee, who met earlier in the evening, discussed the issue.

Downtown eyesore

Minonk resident Dave Uphoff said he had been asked to comment on the building downtown that is full of furniture. He said it is a fire hazard and he does not know why the City allows it to happen.

"It's an eyesore in Minonk," he said, saying that the issue had been discussed "one hundred times" but nothing ever happened.

"Downtown Minonk needs help. You can start right there," he said.

Faulk said he agreed and that there were a lot of properties the City needed to still address.

Boosters’ request

Alderman Larry Fortner said the Fieldcrest Sports Boosters have requested to paint the Knights logo and messages on the streets between the high school and the football field before football games. No one had any objections, but Koos did say they should check with Brennan to make sure they are using the appropriate kind of paint.

County Highway 2

Koos said that County Highway 2 would be milled and resurfaced from around the curve to 251 in mid-October. There will be no work done on the highway west of 251.


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